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So that’s a mullet skirt!?




I was a bit hesitant to make this skirt since I’d never stitched one before. So my first time making a mullet skirt was a bit… overwhelming. The circle skirt was easy enough to do, but the hemming was h-a-r-d, hard to do. Hence, my adding the cutesy ruffles.

Any-who, I broke up the outfit into a few parts to lesson the overwhelmingness. (yes, I’ve just invented a new word) Also, instead of just making a mullet skirt, I made a mullet dress for my niece. & let me tell you, she adores this outfit. She keeps running around in it and flouncing about.

Here are some more pictures:

IMG_20130409_133429_503  I have a semi-tutorial ready, so I might just put it up. Maybe. Let me know if any of you are interested.IMG_20130409_133147_379

Have a great day everyone! :)


Author: Veiled Purl

I love to crochet, sew, and knit! =]

4 thoughts on “So that’s a mullet skirt!?

  1. Lovely dress! Didn’t you put up the tutorial for this yet?

    • Thanks. Nope, didn’t get the chance to…I’m not sure if I have the tutorial for this anymore. I may have to make a new one.

      • Aww…maybe you can just send me a rough guide or tips…something like that?

      • Basically the top is similar to the one I did for the summer lovin’ dress. The skirt portion is a full circle skirt. Then to make it a high-low aka mullet skirt, you cut the front portion of the circle skirt a bit deeper than the back portion. Then you sew both the top and bottom pieces together and you get your dress. Instead of hemming the skirt, I ruffled a 2 inch piece of fabric and attached it to the hem. Hopefully that made some sort of sense.

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