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Old Jeans To New Bag: Sewing Tutorial

jeans bag

So, I had a pair of jeans that were pretty old (you can tell cuz they’re flare jeans), but I didn’t want to throw them out. I was going to just let ’em sit around, but I needed space. Solution: I turned my old jeans into a new bag…with lining!



~One pair of jeans. I believe flared would be best.

~ around 1/2 yard of lining fabric

~Regular sewing stuff

***Click the pictures to make them bigger***


Starting from the flare portion, cut around 12″ from the bottom. Then cut open one of the seams


Ignore the stain, I spilled some water.

Mark 4 rectangles that measure 3″x10.5″. Do the same with the other leg. Then cut 2 more 3″x10.5″ rectangles for a total of 10 pieces.


With the rest of your jeans, cut out two 4.0″x13.5″ rectangles for the strap. Then cut two 11″x2″ for the band piece.


Sew five 3″ x10.5″ together. Then sew the remaining five together too.


Iron open the seams!


Sew the pieces together from the bottom. Again iron open the seams


Mark pleats. You can play around with this and make the pleats as wide/short as you’d like the opening to be.


Sew the pleats in place and then sew the side seam of the bag together. See them pointy corners? We don’t want that do we? So…


Mark 1.5″ from the edge at the bottom of the bag and make a triangle. Sew and cut of excess. Do the same to the other side.


Place your band pieces to your opening. Your band is probably too big. So cut and sew it so that it’ll fit the opening.


Sew your strap pieces together. Then to avoid making the tube, iron the edges down, and the fold the strap in half and iron this down. Then sew the edges in place. See, no tube! :)


Sew it in place on the sides of the bag.


You don’t see the straps because I actually attached them later.

Place your bag onto your lining cloth. Outline the bag onto the cloth leaving a bit of allowance.


Make another the same way. So you’ll have 2 pieces.


Cut out a pocket piece and/or zipper piece if you’d like ’em.


Sew on your zip to on of the lining pieces. Tutorial can be found here. Scroll down to see the directions.


Iron down the edges of your pocket piece and sew them onto the other lining piece.


Leaving 0.5″ sew straight seams down to create pen compartments.

Now sew the two pieces together.


Turn your lining bag inside out, so that you are facing the wrong side. Place your jean bag with the strap inside the lining bag, right side facing you. Pin to place if need be. Sew all along the front opening edge. ***Leave around 3″ unsewn so that you can turn the bag right side-out**


Turn your jean side out of the 3″ hole. Fold in this hole and topic stitch the opening in place.


Iron in place and voila, you are done!


With just enough space for your book(s)!

I hope you all found this tutorial useful. Ask questions, if you have any.

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That’s all for now. Have an amazing day everyone!

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Sewing, Cleaning, and some German Chocolate

First off, I made shorts for my baby niece! I don’t have a tutorial for this yet since it was my first time making shorts + I did so w/o any pattern. Hence…they were a bit loose for my niece. I will probably add elastic in the back instead of just using interfacing.


Next, I made a double layered abaya/jilbab for my friend.  It was my first time making this style, so I’m quite pleased with the results. :)


Check out the sleeves:


Next, I realized it was time to clean my machine. Can you tell why?





Pretty and clean, yeah?

That’s all for now, have an awesome day everyone! :)

P.S. How was your week?


Oh Baby!


An amazing friend of mine is having her first baby this summer! So, of course I just had to make her baby some crocheted goodness. ;)

Pattern for the dress can be found on this awesome blog. Since it’s going to be summer, I left out the sleeves.


I found a tutorial for these Mary Jane booties on crochet geek. The difference between hers and mine is that I did not add any straps.

Lastly I kind-of didn’t really follow an official pattern for the hat, so sorry no tutorial/pattern link for that.

Here’s another pic of the whole ensemble just ‘cuz I’m really lovin’ the result.


(If anyone was wondering, I used Caron’s Simply Soft Pistachio yarn.)

That’s all for now. Have an awesome day everyone!