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The Frilltastic Pettiskirt


For the past few days I have been obsessing over pettiskirts. I l-o-v-e them, and their fluffiness. They are so girly, frilly, and awesome. So, ofcourse I just had to make myself one…following this awesome tutorial. ;)

I used 7 yards of very soft tulle for the dark blue and cut them into super long strips that were 9 inches wide. This is a looottt of fabric, I mean a lot. So you’re going to have to cut some  a lot of time out for this project. I suggest cutting the 7 yards in half first ‘cuz 7 yards is a lot of fabric to cut all of once, and my floor wasn’t big enough. -le sigh-

Now for the fluffy frillyness I got 4 yards of the same type of tulle and cut ’em into long strips 2.5″ wide. I also got some satin for the belt. I made mine around 12″ wide…which means in turned out to be around 6″ in the end. All together my skirt is around 24″ long.


That’s half of the ruffled tulle for the project. It get’s a bit overwhelming, so take your time while doing this.


Ruffly goodness!


Pretty ruffles…they kind of look like the ends on jellyfishes :)


For my niece, I made her a “practice” one:


It’s poofy, but not as poofy as I’d like it to be…well I only had less 3 yards of fabric to work with..(my mom’s dupatta) And since it was the type of chiffon that frayed, I needed to fold over the edges.


She still had/is having loads of fun spinning in it though :)


That’s all for now, have an awesome day everyone! :)


Author: Veiled Purl

I love to crochet, sew, and knit! =]

13 thoughts on “The Frilltastic Pettiskirt

  1. I can’t imagine handling 7 yards of fabric at once on the cutting floor ( I cut out on the floor). Your petticoat looks great. Looks perfect for twirling in. :)

  2. wow that looks fantastic . My doughter would be thrilled and I bet the brotheres a bit jealous lol

  3. That’s absolutely gorgeous! Now I want to make one. :)

  4. oh what fun, and so girly, can see one of these being added for those spring days here (summer to hot)

    • Yup! Summer is definitely a bit too hot for this. But the good thing is tulle and nylon chiffon is super light and airy so even though there’s a lot of fabric involved, the skirt keeps you pretty cool. (esp. if you keep twirling in it) :)

  5. I remember my mom making a skirt like this for me and my sister when I was small, and I loved it :-)

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