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Much Needed Updates…Finally!


Hey everyone…sooooooooooo I’ve been on a super long self imposed hiatus as you all probably guessed.

I have tons of excuses, but I’ll keep it simple for ya’ll:

1) I was being very lazy to craft anything (hey the summer heat was gettin’ to me!)
2) School started and then I became very busy (for real)
3) My sister is getting married inshaAllah! Wohoo! :)

So anyways, besides all that I finally started working with yarn again! It felt amazing I tell you & I haven’t stopped crocheted/knitting since. I’ve also been experimenting with cooking snacks/appetizers. I really wanted to make Brazilian Cheese Bread aka Pão de queijo…but I didn’t have tapioca flour. I did have all purpose flour so instead, I made Cheese gougère (now don’t ask me to pronounce that).

Here is a pic of the cheesy goodness:

Cheese Gougere
Okay so you can’t see the cheese..sorry about that! I don’t have a pic of the inside ‘cuz they were gone very quickly. Here’s a link to the recipe.

Moving on to the knitting/crocheting! I’ve realized that even though my blog is titled “veiledpurl” I never really posted anything about knitting. Well, that’s about to change now. :)

I’ve recently started to knit scarves & hats to give to the homeless for the cold winter days ahead. This is a project by Muslims Giving Back which is a 100% non profit charity organization.

Here is the first crochet hat I made to give away:
Crochet Hat
It’s a basic hdc hat with ear flaps that I designed myself.

I then went on to make this knitted scarf. It is 2×2 ribbing.
Sorry it’s not such a good pic! I’ll upload better pics later.

I have lots more to update so stay tuned!
Have a great day everyone =]

P.S visit me at my new blog:
P.P.S I’ve also started loom knitting! More on this later inshaAllah.

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Author: Veiled Purl

I love to crochet, sew, and knit! =] My blog is

7 thoughts on “Much Needed Updates…Finally!

  1. great works sis… keep it up. and share with us too

  2. WOW… this is awesom!!.. and say ur jus in schoool!!!.. im in uni..and i dont know squat about knitting..!! and cooking… :P

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