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Sewing Tutorial For the Belt Portion of the Butterfly Abaya


How to Sew the Belt part of the Butterfly Abaya

Hey everyone,

This post is loooonngg overdue and I sincerely apologize for the delay.  So without further ado, here is the followup tutorial for the Butterfly Abaya:

This following step 7 in the Butterfly Abaya tutorial:


* Open up your butterfly abaya so that the front (with the deeper neckline) is facing you. Now measure from the shoulder down 15″ -16″ (where your waist is). Make a 3 inch line. Divide your waist measurement by 2.  Let’s say this is also 15″. So measure from the center of your 3″ line across 15″ to your other side where you will again mark 3″. These 3″ lines will be your belt holes.


*Make a square on another piece of fabric. This square should be bigger than 3″ all around since you will be hemming the edges of this. After doing this, make a narrow rectangle 3″ long like the one above. Do this again to get 2 of these pieces in total.


*For your front belt cut a 6″ wide piece that is 15″(or ur half wasit msrmt) long. We will be folding this in half and sewing it.

**For your back belt, cut a 6″ wide piece that is around 4 inches wider than your half waist msrmt. This is for comfort.


**Hem all the sides of the square pieces you cut out earlier. Then align the square pieces to the 3″ line on your main fabric.


It should look like this aligned. Use pins to secure into place.


**Start sewing from one line all the way down. Stop, raise your needle and pivot your fabric around. Sew 2 stitches, stop, raise your needle and pivot your fabric around and sew back up. Then you stop, raise needle, pivot and sew to the beginning stitch.  You will get a beautiful rectangle this way.


**This is what it should look like at the end. Do this to the other square/side as well.


**Now pinch the fabric, and snip a little bit.


**Lay the fabric flat, and continue snipping until you reach the edge.


**This is what it should look like. Yours will be much neater, I’m sure. ;)


**Now stuff the square into the hole. Press/iron into place and then top stitch for neat finish.


**Now sew the front belt piece together. Then turn it right side out. You will have a long tube so press/iron in place.


**For your back belt portion: Sew the pieces together. Turn it right side out. Then take the elastic and thread it through the entire piece. Then sew into place by stretching the elastic as you go.


**Sew ONLY ONE side of your front and back belt together.


**This is what it will look like.


**Thread the sewn portion into one of the belt holes.


**Now sew the other 2 belt sides together.


**And you are done with the belt! This is what the front will look like. The back is with the elastic side.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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I hope you have an awesome day! Until next time =]


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4 thoughts on “Sewing Tutorial For the Belt Portion of the Butterfly Abaya

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  3. assalamu alaikum, read your tutorial about the batwing abaya, seems v good n easy but the belt section I need some clarification please sister . I understand the front part will be laying outside of the dress but the back section it seems its also outside. or is it inside at the back.
    or am I correct in understanding that all work is being done only to the front part of the abaya .

    please reply as I’m excited to make this for eid

    if you could email me would be appreciated, shukran

    email: pblifestyle01@gmail

    • Wswr, I am super sorry for very late response! I hope you had a lovely Eid.

      The belt portion of the abaya is done inside the abaya. You can see only one side of the belt and that is from the front of the abaya. The elastic part of the belt is actually inside the abaya itself which is why the back of the whole abaya is loose and not form fitting.

      I hope that is clearer. Let me know if there are any more questions.

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