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Sewing Tutorials

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Click on the pictures/words to go to the direct links. Enjoy!

The Summer Lovin’ Dress


Butterfly Abaya

Butterfly Abaya

Men’s Shirt to Reversible Baby Waist Coat


Old Jeans To New Bag Tutorial

jeans bag

Messenger Bag Tutorial


Fall Into Spring Dress Tutorial


Mod Cloth Inspired Dress Tutorial

The grey is the duct tape

Flouncy Dress +Churidar Salwar Tutorial

The neckline & arm have elastic

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15 thoughts on “Sewing Tutorials

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  4. ma sha Allah awesome. I am a new sewist and I love learning to make new things. Shukran for sharing. Ma saalama

  5. thanx a lot ur abaya is very very good plz plz plz give me any tip for head scarf i wanna stitch a head scarf by my self which i use with this abaya i want to cover my face with head scarf

    • I’m happy to hear you liked my abaya tutorial. InshAllah in the future I’ll upload how to make a niqab & how to make a head scarf. (head scarf is very basic, if you want a square one (or a recatangular one) just cut out the square/recatngle to length you want it & then hem the edges)

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  10. really good tutorials. thank you for sharing :)

  11. are you going to make any more videos soon

  12. That was fabulous pls of it am a beginner thans

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