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Tutorial: Men’s Shirt to Reversible Baby Waist Coat


It’s been a while since my last tutorial, so I thought why not make something for my new nephew + make it a DIY.

I used my dad’s old shirt for this and -cough- I didn’t really use “accurate” measurements…let’s say I kind of winged it. In my defense, this is for a newborn so it’s hard to actually measure one.  But, you guys should probably measure your little one to ensure best fit. Measure their shoulders, armhole, neckline, chest, and length. Mine came out pretty good w/o measuring tho.

Okay since mine is for a newborn, I only had to use the front laps of the shirt. If you are making this for a larger size, you’ll probably need the whole shirt.

**Click pics to make them bigger**


For the front laps click the pics to see the measurements I used. But this is the basic shape you’ll need.

These are the over all pieces you need:


-2 identical back pieces

-4 front pieces

-2 fake pocket pieces


Sew on your fake pocket pieces first. Mine is about 2″ above the bottom edge


Sew the shoulder seams and the side seams of the pieces together so you should have:


-Woah wt’s that horse doing there??


Anyways, overlap your pieces together so that right side meets right side, and wrong side is out. Sew the pieces together. **Do not sew the armholes together, and leave a 2″ space on the bottom edge of the coat so you can squeeze out your fabric.**


So now squeeze your fabric from the bottom hole and press into place.


Tuck the armhole pieces inward towards each other to hide the frays. Then sew the armhole in place. Be careful not to stretch the armhole while sewing…it’ll look really wonky.


Top stitch everything in place, and you are done! :) You little one can wear it like this….or like this:


Yeah…I shudda ironed it for the picture ;) Oh well… laziness got to me.

Well there you have it folks. Your very own reversible baby/toddler waistcoat. I hope you all found this tutorial to be helpful, even though I’m sure there are better tutorials out there. Let me know if you have any questions. Have an awesome day everyone!

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Oh Baby!


An amazing friend of mine is having her first baby this summer! So, of course I just had to make her baby some crocheted goodness. ;)

Pattern for the dress can be found on this awesome blog. Since it’s going to be summer, I left out the sleeves.


I found a tutorial for these Mary Jane booties on crochet geek. The difference between hers and mine is that I did not add any straps.

Lastly I kind-of didn’t really follow an official pattern for the hat, so sorry no tutorial/pattern link for that.

Here’s another pic of the whole ensemble just ‘cuz I’m really lovin’ the result.


(If anyone was wondering, I used Caron’s Simply Soft Pistachio yarn.)

That’s all for now. Have an awesome day everyone!



Hooded Toddler Jacket

I used grey buttons because I couldn't find any others. (and also cuz they look kinda nice)

I used grey buttons because I couldn’t find any others. (and also cuz they look kinda nice)

You know sometimes when you’re eating something really good, and you

The hood looks a bit wonky since it's kind of hard to take a nice pic of it.

The hood looks a bit wonky since it’s kind of hard to take a nice pic of it.

don’t want it to end? I’m eating such an amazing potato salad right now and I keep looking at it because it’s going to finish, so I’m eating it super slowly to savor it. It’s hard to do though, but I shall endeavor to try! Okay moving on, I found this pattern as I was searching for a sweater to make for my niece. It’s different from any other sweater project I’ve ever done because it has many sections. For example, there is the jacket “skirt”, then the middle, left & right bodice pieces, the hood, and the arms (which were also done in 2 parts each). I was honestly going to call it quits because it was a tedious process that involved many loose threads. (I really hate weaving in the extra yarn at the end) >_< The funny thing is, I made it in size 4T (my niece is 2.5 yrs old) and it actually fit her just right. I could have even made the skirt part longer if I wanted to. But, alas it would have been too much work since I already made the button hole rows. If any of you try the pattern, let me know how it goes.

That’s all for now, have a great day everyone! :)


Crochet Baby Dress

Dress1How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could

i cant fix the sidewayness >_<

i cant fix the sidewayness >_<

chuck wood? Hmmm… I really don’t know, and I definetly don’t recall what pattern I used for this dress since I made it a year ago for my niece. (But if any of you want the pattern, I’ll try to find it!) The skirt of the dress is made up of double crochet shells, and the increase causes it to be a full circle dress as seen in the picture. I remember it took me a looong time to make this and I used up quite a bit of yarn…which is probably why I never made it again ;) But, it looked adorable on my niece so it was worth it.